Fabric Decal vs. Wallpaper

It might be confusing choosing between Urban Li'l Fabric Decal vs. Wallpaper for your wall. Here is the product breakdown to guide your decision.

Fabric decals are made with high quality woven material with a mate finish, easy to install (peel & stick), removable without damage to surface (depending on original surface condition), reusable/repositionable (>10 times), printed with premium quality and non-toxic ink, suitable for temporary and permanent indoor placement on flat surfaces -primed walls, windows, glass and doors.

Wallpaper is made of non-woven paper material, comes in panel sheets with professional installation provided, suitable for designs that are of fine details to be printed in premium quality and non-toxic ink seamlessly on full sheets, removable with minimal damage to wall and suitable for permanent placements (at least 8 years).

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