My Safe Sphere

Are you ok? Feeling prolonged sadness, fear, worry and anxiety? Here’s a community that could help you.
My Safe Sphere, founded by Faz -Mother & Wordsmithette is an inclusive multi-medium community to end the stigma of mental health through low-cost group therapy sessions, podcasts & more. They are dedicated to being the first step of the mental health and wellness journey of our community; breaking down the isolation of mental health issues, pushing boundaries and offering a listening ear to those who need it. It's ok not to be ok.


Faz @fazgaffa shares her struggles, the motivation behind starting a community to address mental health issues and her take on self-love.

What do you love and value about yourself?
I love that I love fiercely. I wouldn't hesitate to walk through fire for the people I love.

What do you struggle with and how do you try to address that?
I'm struggling with grief. I lost my father last year and he has been my ride-or-die through my entire life. It's a been really, really rough year emotionally, mentally and physically. I'm trying to help myself by also helping others in the process by creating My Safe Sphere, inclusive multi-medium community to end the stigma of mental health thru low-cost group therapy sessions, podcasts & more.

What does self-care/love mean to you?
It means taking time out for the things and people I love, which includes going to the zoo with my two-year-old, taking my mum out for brunch, date night with my husband, and workouts by myself.

Do you make time to do the things you enjoy doing?
Absolutely. I need time to do me. I'm thankful I have incredibly generous family and friends always ready to help me when I need it. It makes a difference when your village is within reach and always happy to support you in whatever ways you need.

Any tips to share with others on self-care/love?
Women, mothers in particular, tend to put their needs last — sometimes even after the family pet. And I honestly get the mental load. Even if you have a helper, grandparents to help watch the kids, a great partner, you're usually the person balancing everything. But as cliched as it sounds, making time for you — even if it's spacing out and watching reruns on Netflix for half an hour, or getting a much-needed sweat session in will make all the difference.

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